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Some good choice Yogyakarta day tours:

Jomblang vertical cave an amazing adventure tour

Borobudur sunrise tour + Jomblang cave tour

Merapi Jeep sunrise + Jomblang cave

Jomblang cave tour + Pindul cave tubing

Jomblang cave tour + Timang beach tour

Borobudur + Jomblang + Pindul cave

Pindul cave + Jomblang + Timang beach

Merapi sunrise + Jomblang + Timang beach

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2 days 1 nights

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3 nights

5 days 4 nights

Warmest Greetings from Jomblang Cave Tours and Travel Adventure a local agency in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. specializing in providing tours requirements and function as travel agency, free Independent travelers, tour group, incentive, and tourist package special for the Jomblang Cave, Borobudur sunrise tour, Merapi Jeep sunrise tour and Yogyakarta shore excursions.

Jomblang cave day tour or package

Jomblang cave day tour is an amazing tour adventure with various choice of the tours, some good choice: one day tour or package, cave adventure combination with borobudur sunrise, merapi jeep sunrise, pindul cave tubing, timang beach tour. Jomblang cave has an interesting (Wikipedia​) history for travel bloggers, and many interesting things when heading to locations such as national park, various stories reviewed on (TripAdvisor) by day trips traveler tours. Jomblang vertical cave located in a village pacarejo subdistrict, semanu, gunungkidul district, wonosari, yogyakarta, indonesia. Jomblang cave location of map in Jogja central Java. Jomblang cave is not possible to make a booking first to go, because it has become decision of managers only prioritize visitors who reservation directly on the spot at Jomblang resort.  Amazing of Jomblang caving activity underground will start at ten 10:00 am and will not be received if there are visitors who reservation after 10:00 am, The cave also limit visitors per day with quotes 75 people / day. Jomblang cave tour is a wonderful journey while on vacation in Yogyakarta. Go visit Luweng or Goa Jomblang!! to arrive at the cave visitors must leave early in the morning from central city of Jogja, because driving to a location that is also famous as the amazing race takes one and a half to two hours.