Borobudur jomblang cave tour

Borobudur jomblang cave tour | Warmest Greetings from Jomblang Cave Tours and Travel Adventure in Jogja – Java | Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

Borobudur jomblang cave tour
Borobudur jomblang cave tour
Borobudur jomblang cave tour | Borobudur sunrise from Manohara, Who does not know Borobudur ? The magnificent Borobudur temple located in Magelang, Central Java has always been a major attraction for tourists.Borobudur temple is often used as the best place to enjoy the sunrise. Because the temple is situated above an altitude of 269 meters above sea level.Through the Borobudur temple, we can see the spectacular scenery where the sun began to sunrise from the beautiful sky above the horizon. Things to do in Borobudur sunrise ? For those of you who are planning a vacation in Yogyakarta, Borobudur temple could be the best alternative. you can try a different way, with a welcoming light first in the morning sun this an amazing. To welcome the sunrise over Borobudur Stupa, which can be accessed via Manohara Hotel Resort, Enjoying Sunrise of the Court of Manohara Hotel, One of the best spots to enjoy the sunrise at Borobudur is through Manohara.This 3 star hotel is located not far from Borobudur Temple, precisely in the area of Borobudur complex.

Borobudur Jomblang Cave Tour or Goa Jomblang

Jomblang Resort
Jomblang Resort
Arriving at the location, gathered in Jomblang Resort, every visitor at enjoined to re-register, and while waiting for the crew to prepare the equipment, visitors can get started by choosing boots, then 10:00 AM will begin toward the lip of thecaveand activities down the cave is done with ropes and equipment are safe caving actifity. Jomblang cave things to do ? Once at the base of Cave visitors will enjoy views of ancient forests with natural vegetation up to the mouth of the cave horizontally into the hall to cave grubug with in the company of a guide of the cave, and then to the end down the cave andthis is where we will be greeted heavenly light entering from the mouth Luweng grubug, and activities continue until you get back to the top of the cave around 1-2 pm, followed by lunch with a simple box. Then back to the city of Yogyakarta. Borobudur Jomblang cave tour 
One day tour Itinerary:
  • √ Pick up at your hotel
  • √ Leave: 4;00 AM drive to Borobudur to see the sunrise from Manohara
  • √ 6;30 AM continue drive to visit Jomblang Cave
  • √ 2;00 PM Back to yogyakarta, on the way to stop anywhere if you want to photograph.
  • √ 4;00 PM Hotel drop off enjoy the facility
  • √ Tour Duration: 1 day trip
Packages Include :
  • √ Transportation with Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • √ English & Malay Speaking Driver
  • √ Fuel and Parking fees
  • √ Snack & Mineral water in bottle
  • √ Lunch box local food
  • √ Caving guide & Equipment
Packages Exclude :
  1. – Borobudur sunrise entrance fee
  2. – Jomblang cave entrance fee