Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave or Goa Jomblang

Jomblang Cave

Jomblang cave is a vertical cave located in a village pacarejo subdistrict semanu, gunungkidul district wonosari yogyakarta indonesia.

Jomblang cave tour is a wonderful journey while on vacation in Yogyakarta, go visit Luweng Jomblang or Goa Jomblang. To arrive at the cave visitors must leave early in the morning from central city of Jogja, because driving to a location that is also famous as the amazing race takes one and a half to two hours. Arrive at Jomblang resort as cave entrance and then register directly to cave officer, pay entrance fee with cost Indonesian Rupiah according to price which determined by direct Jomblang managed.

Jomblang Cave Tours
Jomblang Cave Tours Popular Destinations and Top Adventure Tours

Various choice of packages how to get there? And good choice of them, one day tour, Jomblang Cave Adventure combination with Borobudur Sunrise, Merapi Jeep Sunrise, Pindul cave tubing, Timang beach tour and others.
Location Map of Jomblang address in Jogja Central Java has an interesting (Wikipedia‚Äč) history for travel bloggers, and many interesting things when heading to locations such as national park, various stories reviewed on TripAdvisor by day trips traveler Jomblang Tours.

Jomblang resort

Jomblang resort
Jomblang resort

Arriving at the location, gathered in Jomblang resort, every visitor at enjoined to re-register, and while waiting for the crew to prepare the equipment, visitors can get started by choosing boots, then 10:00 AM will begin toward the lip of thecaveand activities down the cave is done with ropes and equipment are safe.

How to get to Jomblang cave ?

Caving activity

Once at the base of Cave visitors will enjoy views of ancient forests with natural vegetation up to the mouth of the cave horizontally into the hall to cave grubug with in the company of a guide of the cave, and then to the end down the cave andthis is where we will be greeted heavenly light entering from the mouth Luweng grubug, and activities continue until you get back to the top of the cave around 1-2 pm, followed by lunch with a simple box. Then back to the city of Yogyakarta or your next destination.

jomblang cave tour
jomblang cave adventure

Jomblang cave is not possible to make a booking first on Jomblang, because it has become decision of managers only prioritize visitors who reservation directly on the spot. Amazing of Jomblang activity underground cave will start at ten o’clock, and will not be received if there are visitors who reservation after ten o’clock, Jomblang cave also limit visitors per day with quotes 75 people per day.

Jomblang Cave Price Tickets / Entrance fee

should be done with the Indonesian rupiah.

IDR 450.000 per person

With a quota of 75 people per day that has been set by the official of the cave.
Ticket includes:
Local Caving guide
Free Drinkwater
Simple box lunch

Jomblang cave
Jomblang cave

With quotas for 75 people per day, and activity down the cave begins at 10:00 am. so that every visitor cave be required to arrive at the location of a maximum of half an hour before activity in the cave did.
For the sake of the preservation of nature, then in the limit of visitors per day with a maximum quota of 75 people per day.

Jomblang Cave How to get there ?

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