Borobudur Sunrise Tour Yogyakarta

Borobudur Sunrise Tour Yogyakarta

Borobudur sunrise tour is currently so popular in interest by the traveler who visited in a small province in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is one of the favorite cities to explore during a trip on the island of Java. Enjoying sunrise at Borobudur temple will not be the same as enjoying sunrise wherever you do.
Sunrise emerges between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu, as well as the expanse of rice fields that is still shrouded in fog with the sound of bird song as backsound, Nirvana tub. The blend of Buddhist temple and hundreds of stupas adorn the view of Sunrise at the largest temple in the world.

Borobudur Sunrise Manohara

Borobudur sunrise tour is so amazing then you capture the moment and immortalize it in the memory of the journey which certainly will not be forgotten. Entering a large complex area, then buy entrance tickets to Borobudur sunrise tour. This is not the main entrance at the Borobudur temple, but is a resort / hotel located in one complex area with the temple area. Is a Manohara Resort / Hotel as the entrance of tourists who will see the rising of the sun behind the magnificent of Borobudur temple. After enjoying the beauty of sunrise at Borobudur temple, then you explore the history and meaning of Buddhist journey carved along the wall / relief of the temple. The best time to go to see the sunrise at Borobudur temple is to start from Yogyakarta, at 3.30 am you will travel from the central city of Jogja in more less 1 hour from your hotel stay.

Borobudur Opening Hours

Borobudur sunrise tour given visitors a different experience. Started at 04.30 am early morning, started from Lobby Manohara Hotel by walking towards Borobudur temple using flashlight as street lighting. Then proceed to climb the stairs of Borobudur temple up to level 9 to enjoy the sunrise. At 05.30 am is a golden time that is expected, the sun gradually show itself on the eastern horizon and presents unforgettable scenery around it. The Magnificent of Borobudur temple will certainly feel more meaningful when you arrive early while peoples are still asleep. Do that when summer comes and it will be better for such amazing moments and experiences. The best season to go to Borobudur sunrise is summer, it usually comes in June to September. But the other month is also good although not as beautiful as in summer.

Borobudur Sunrise Entrance Fee

And as a note, the entrance fee for Borobudur sunrise passes through Manohara hotel is fairly expensive, but worth what you get. Borobudur sunrise admission price is IDR 450K, and that is different from Borobudur temple entrance without sunrise which only IDR 325K (Valid / 2017). So what are you waiting for, let’s explore Yogyakarta and visit Borobudur temple with beautiful sunrise to be remembered. Absolutely awesome !! Borobudur sunrise tour also provides many choices of combination of visits in one day or package. You can combine Borobudur sunrise trip with many interesting places in Yogyakarta, for example: Yogyakarta city tour, Jomblang cave tour, Merapi Jeep tour, Pindul cave tour, Timang beach tour, Kalibiru tour, and many more places of interest in Yogyakarta for must see.

Entrance Fee Borobudur Sunrise / 2017

Foreigner Adult IDR 450.000
Foreign Children IDR 225.000
Domestic Adult IDR 325.000
Domestic Children IDR 162.500
Stay-in Manohara Adult IDR 275.000
Stay-in Manohara Chlidren IDR 137.500

Ticket Information of Temples

Borobudur Entrance for Adult IDR 325.000
Borobudur Entrance for Children IDR 195.000
Combination Borobudur & Prambanan Entrance for Adult IDR 520.000
Combination Borobudur & Prambanan Entrance for Children IDR 325.000
Combination Borobudur & Ratu Boko Entrance for Adult IDR 520.000
Combination Borobudur & Ratu Boko Entrance for Children IDR 325.000
Prambanan Entrance for Adult IDR 325.000
Prambanan Entrance for Children IDR 195.000
Combination Prambanan & Ratu Boko Entrance for Adult IDR 520.000
Combination Prambanan & Ratu Boko Entrance for Children IDR 325.000