Imagine that you’re standing on a mountain in the midnight of the Java volcano. In the sky, you look are colorful stars, fog-capped peaks, forests-covered slopes, majestic volcanoes. And you’re will be there, in the middle of the night, taking it all in until sunrise in the early morning. Could you imagine a better scenario than this overnight hike? Feel the smooth touch of the rain forest to stroke it and taste refreshing cold weather. Take in the fresh smell of the overnight mountain wind and listen to the sound of the earth under your feet. These are only for those who choose to trek the less-traveled path in the night to the mountains Java. These overnight hike will become your secret.

Mount Merbabu Tour
5% Off
IDR 445.00 IDR 422.00

1 Day - 1 Night
Mount Prau tour
IDR 550.00

1 Day - 1 Night
Mount Sumbing Tour
IDR 700.00

1 Day - 1 Night
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