Borobudur Dieng plateau tour | Yogyakarta tour package 5d4n

Dieng Plateau

Leaving Yogyakarta for Wonosobo to visit Dieng Plateau, the site of some of the oldest Hindu temples on Java. These 50-foot high monuments stand on a crater floor amidst sulphurous fumes, also visit Color Lake. The road to the Dieng Plateau passes through tobacco plantations and beautiful mountain scenery. 

Visit the beauty of Mount Merapi from Kaliadem Village, its slope located approximately 5 km from the top of Merapi.  Lunch at local restaurant. Leaving Merapi’s slope for Magelang district to visit the magnificent Borobudur temple,  built with 60.00 m3 of stones in the 8th century. Follow the life of the founder of Buddhism (Siddharta Gautama) carved on the walls. Two other small temples, Pawon and Mendut, both related to Borobudur, will be visit afterwards.