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The Jomblang Cave Adventure

Experience the vertical cave, eastside Yogyakarta, ancient forest, national parks, on one awesome adventure!

Jomblang Cave | Timang Gondola

Jogja isn’t lacking, customizable adventure are full of excite for solo traveler, families, couples and groups.

Jomblang | Pindul Cave Tubing

We have hand picked some of the best Yogyakarta adventure vacations. You can’t wait to an adrenaline rush.

Merapi Jeep Sunrise Jomblang cave

Merapi Jeep Sunrise | Jomblangcave

Every region in Jogja offers great array of adventure activities. Some of most talked about are volcano area and caves.

Borobudur Mudal River Pulepayung

Borobudur | Mudal River | Pulepayung

When you’ve got a family. Come along with us today to inspire you and your family to start dreaming. Leave the rest to us.

Pindul Cave Jomblang Timang

Pindul Cave | Jomblang | Timang

How many adventures get to enjoy depends are spending of time in Jogja. You want to experience as many as possible?

Borobudur Jomblang Pindul Tubing

Borobudur | Jomblang | Pindul Tubing

At our combine some adventure, such as temples, rappelling & tubing. Are perfect for who won’t spend many days in Jogja.

Merapi Jomblang Timang Gondola

Merapi | Jomblang | Timang Gondola

Jogja is an area with a cool, typical with a beach & forest. An experience you may have had before can be very different.

Merapi Jeep Borobudur Selogriyo

Merapi Jeep | Borobudur | Selogriyo

In Yogyakarta offers many activities. Adventure are world class here, with some interesting of places very famous.

Borobudur Kalibiru Prambanan

Borobudur | Kalibiru | Prambanan

Another destination there are in Yogyakarta, that will awe you with its landscape, or the ‘The magnificent temples’.

Merapi Sunrise Trekking | Borobudur

Travelling to the Volcanoes of Yogyakarta, visiting one on your travels will earn you top bragging rights. See how to do it, here!

jomblang cave kalisuci


Known for its “heaven light”, Jomblang cave is now open in their favorite destination in the Yogyakarta. When it comes to choosing a Kalisuci destination after the caving then whole family will love it

bukit panguk sunrise jomblang cave


And there’s no better place to enjoy a ride than along scenic of Yogyakarta. From family-friendly hill’s sunrise to challenging vertical-cave and long scenic stretches perfect for the adventurer’s

Borobudur Progo river rafting


Best visit Java Island for the Yogyakarta day tours and enjoy special offers in celebration of our favorite adventure:  deals to heritage and culture, temples, nature, and whitewater rafting


Let’s Go beyond into the hidden history of Java, Yours to discover at these temples. They include favorite places to river tubing, explore…We give you the insider tips to make it a fun and fascinating visit

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