Daily local guide Mount Merbabu tour, overnight sunrise hiking, and other exclusive with daylight hike tours and camping on the summit.

Mount Merbabu is a Strato type volcano located in the area of Magelang Regency on the western slope and Boyolali Regency on the eastern and southern slopes, Semarang Regency on the northern slope, Central Java Province.

Merbabu Mountain is quite popular as a place for climbing activities in Yogyakarta tourism. The terrain is not too difficult, cold air, thick fog, needs to be taken into consideration for Hiking trails; Kopeng trail, Wekas trail, Suwanting trail, New Selo trail (recommended)!


Spending Perfect 2-Days In Yogyakarta!
Trying to experience a city as diverse as Yogyakarta in just 2 days is a kind of lovely tours in which you’re planning by decisions you never thought you’d have to go: Volcano or waterfall, Caves and Beach, River tubing and Nature, Adrenaline & Outdoor Activities, Historical & Heritage Tours, Sunrise & Sunset, Gondola ride by manual wooden cable car in Indonesia. It’s already time to leave, and you haven’t even tasted our 2-Days in Yogyakarta.
You can enjoy 2 days tour in Jogja with sustainable comfort in the next vacations. Our 2-day trip one of the Jogja’s best, or catch your own modify (customized) from many spots Yogyakarta itineraries. Traveler’s favorite is the Two-days tour, which has carved out a peaceful spot in this town. Grab a cup of coffee in the morning, and start planning 2 days your next trip to Yogyakarta tour package.



Day Hike


Adventurous Java’s hiking spirit! We offer you specialized world-class trekking in the most beautiful mountains of Yogyakarta, Central Java, and East Java. The trekking tours package and hiking have been developed for those who want to fully experience this nature and volcano destination. The Java trekking tours, Yogyakarta hiking, overnight sunrise, day hike, camping, mount Merbabu tour, mount Prau tour, Mount Sumbing tour, Mount Sindoro tour, Mount Lawu tour and Mount Bromo tour. Many of Java’s best hikes are accessible Year-round at all seasons, making Hiking a beauty opportunity to see some of the mountain’s most breathtaking views. Must-do hiking for stunning tropical forest and mountain scenery, trekking for beautiful sunrises on the summit, day hike for sunset, and stay-night on campsite making it ideal for any adventurer to Yogyakarta and Java trip.


Imagine that you’re standing on a mountain in the midnight of the Java volcano. In the sky, you look are colorful stars, fog-capped peaks, forests-covered slopes, majestic volcanoes. And you’re will be there, in the middle of the night, taking it all in until sunrise in the early morning. Could you imagine a better scenario than this overnight hike? Feel the smooth touch of the rain forest to stroke it and taste refreshing cold weather. Take in the fresh smell of the overnight mountain wind and listen to the sound of the earth under your feet. These are only for those who choose to trek the less-traveled path in the night to the mountains Java. These overnight hike will become your secret.

Mount Merbabu Tour
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Vacation Packages

This is a Vacation Packages journey, usually a trip by the traveler to Yogyakarta. In the current, the Jogja tour package was often an experienced hunt. But today, our tour package often refers to trips to observe and photograph adventure nature or hiking and sightseeing, as well. The Yogyakarta Vacation Packages means a journey, not a destination. Let’s “to travel” in Jogja. Yogyakarta tour package established the style of a journey; landscapes, caves, temples, beaches, nature, history and culture, an energetic day walking, an afternoon rest then relaxing and telling stories in the evening over drinks and coffee.

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