Mount Nglanggeran is an ancient volcano wich of a favorite for nature lovers especially volcano tourism. Mount Nglanggeran with a fairly easy activity level, it’s good for beginners, family, and kid-friendly hikers. The soft nature atmosphere on this mountain to make Yogyakarta soft trekking tour an easy day trip.

Day Hike


Adventurous Java’s hiking spirit! We offer you specialized world-class trekking in the most beautiful mountains of Yogyakarta, Central Java, and East Java. The trekking tours package and hiking have been developed for those who want to fully experience this nature and volcano destination. The Java trekking tours, Yogyakarta hiking, overnight sunrise, day hike, camping, mount Merbabu tour, mount Prau tour, Mount Sumbing tour, Mount Sindoro tour, Mount Lawu tour and Mount Bromo tour. Many of Java’s best hikes are accessible Year-round at all seasons, making Hiking a beauty opportunity to see some of the mountain’s most breathtaking views. Must-do hiking for stunning tropical forest and mountain scenery, trekking for beautiful sunrises on the summit, day hike for sunset, and stay-night on campsite making it ideal for any adventurer to Yogyakarta and Java trip.

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