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Jomblang Cave Amazing Race

Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave or Goa Jomblang

Jomblang cave is a vertical cave located in a village pacarejo subdistrict semanu, gunungkidul district wonosari yogyakarta indonesia. Jomblang cave tour is a wonderful journey while on vacation in Yogyakarta, go visit Luweng Jomblang or Goa Jomblang. Once at the base of Cave visitors will enjoy views of ancient forests with natural vegetation up to the mouth of the cave horizontally into the hall to cave grubug with in the company of a guide of the cave, and then to the end down the cave and this is where we will be greeted heavenly light entering from the mouth Luweng grubug, and activities continue until you get back to the top of the cave around 1-2 pm, followed by lunch with a simple box. Then back to the city of Yogyakarta or your next destination. 

Timing The light of heaven

Caving activities in Jomblang cave is in need of support from nature because if the weather is bad then the caving activity on that day is not done. It rains for days to make the flow of underground river passing through luweng grubug can rise upwards so it is very dangerous if the caving activity keep in take place. To know the state of the river must see the current from the river “Kali suci”, which go into the bowels of the earth until it appears at the bottom luweng grubug. With a system of underground river flow that has been in the map, it can be predicted how the quantity of water that flows. In addition to this, caving activities can also be disrupted because of the brightness of the sun. The light of heaven that enters the bottom of grubug depends very much on the intensity of sunlight and the approximate time in which the sunlight passes through the holes of the luweng so that it can form the pillars of light.

Jomblang cave adventure

It can be estimated from the habits of the nature of the weather how the best situation and time to get the heaven’s light is from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm. With the support of bright light at precisely 12:00 noon can display the view of the maximum light like the light of heaven’s that descends from the sky, straight down to the ground. After 2:00 pm caving participants are required to exit the cave because sunlight can no longer enter through the luweng hole and make the base of luweng (Cave) is pitch black. Participant quote caving a maximum of 75 people per day and the trip starts at 10:00 am so that all participants get a chance to see and enjoy the light of the heaven’s, either down early or last. What if the number of visits more than 75 people per day or even to infinity, then the caving participants only a few who can enjoy the light of heaven and the artificial lighting process will be used so that make the natural cave jomblang will be lost.

So let the nature be maintained its sustainability

Preparations for the Jomblang cave

How to get to Jomblang cave

Preparation before going to the cave jomblang is very important in because many participants who come with caving without knowing how the caving activity and environmental situation and conditions in cave jomblang. As already known about the caving activities in goa jomblang, this will be more special preparation of the goods in need before traveling to the cave jomblang so it will be more efficient in bringing it, including:

1. Clothing

Use simple clothes, for example short jeans and t-shirts. Track conditions in the cave a little dirty less especially during the rainy season, the depth of mud varies between 1 – 5 cm so it is advisable to bring change clothes.

For footwear is included in the package jomblang, so just bring shoes / sandals only. However, if a caving participant wants to use his own shoes it does not matter with the dirty consequences of mud or damaged by exposed stones.

To use excessive clothing such as a dress, or shorts that are easily torn is not recommended due to the process down using body hardness and body tied on the rope so that excessive clothing will interfere with the purpose of safety of the equipment and trip in the cave.

2. Socks

This is optional because the purpose of using these socks is to give comfort to the soles of the feet, because the shoe boots are given by the manager of Jomblang cave with limited size for some people only, for example: the size of your shoes 25 cm while the number of boots owned by the manager with the size it Only 5 pairs, and itupun has been used up by other participants with forceds the participants should use shoe size above 25cm, so the boots will be more loose when worn and can cause the foot abrasions. The use of socks will minimize the occurrence of such abrasions or injuries.

3. Towels

This becomes very important when you finish doing caving activities, with dirty body condition exposed to mud or wet and you are forced to take a bath or just clean the body and change your clothes. And of course towel would be very meaningful in this case.

4. Camera

It is very valuable to capture a moment of sight outside or inside the cave. Although in cave jomblang there photographer services, but it can only take pictures of participants outside the cave and it will be sold in the form of photographs.

5. Flashlight

Track conditions to go to “Light of Heaven” is very dark, so the flashlight is used as a walking illumination tool. Caving guides are already carrying flashlights, but if you want to bring your own is also better.

6. Mosquito Lotions

For participants who are less comfortable because of mosquitoes, can use anti-mosquito lotion because the conditions outside the cave is the forest. The forest is where the mosquitoes live.

7. Small backpack

Serves as a pockets belonging of storage such as cameras, drinks in bottle, flashlights, garbage and bottles of drinks you carry etc.

The condition of the road to the cave of Jomblang

The first thing that so feel when entering the road to the cave jomblang road is steep and rocks, where the rock and soil become the only support of vehicle so that when passing this road will feel like offroad. The steep and narrow road conditions create more mixed feelings when encountering other vehicles from the opposite direction or the farmers who are brings harvesting of the produce, must share the way, realizing that this indirectly learns to share and be patient. This is the only easiest way to get to the cave jomblang, with the risk of damaged vehicles due to exposed rock. Be very careful when passing this road especially during the rainy season, become slippery and muddy. It is advisable to wear a vehicle rather high and is not advisable to wear a vehicle lower like sedan, because we has it already thought what would happen if the car is damaged in the middle of the forest.

This condition makes a variety of arguments and judgments, depending on the condition of the heart when wanting to go to the cave jomblang. Jomblang offers outdoor tours with good activities of natural beauty like a forest, not an outdoor tour with a high-rise building like a city with smooth asphalt streets complete with various department stores. In jomblang there is not a store shop that meet your needs! There are only forests, trees and rocks that is offered this special interest, so the needs such as change of clothes, snacks, soft drinks is better to bring their own before to the jomblang. Currently, due to the increasing tourist conditions, and the local community difficulties in the get of roads, the road widening is needed and when the beginning of September 2016 carried out the widening of roads so that to local farmers still have a freeway space to go to the fields, as well as tourists will have not difficulty sharing the road when passing by farmers and other vehicles opposite direction.

To arrive at the cave visitors must leave early in the morning from central city of Jogja, because driving to a location that is also famous as the amazing race takes one and a half to two hours. Various choice of packages how to get there? And good choice of the trip, one day tour, Jomblang Cave Adventure combination with Borobudur Sunrise, Merapi Jeep Sunrise, Pindul cave tubing, Timang beach tour and others. Location Map of Jomblang address in Jogja Central Java has an interesting (Wikipedia​) history for travel bloggers, and many interesting things when heading to locations such as national park, various stories reviewed on TripAdvisor by day trips traveler Jomblang Tours.

Jomblang Resort

Arriving at the location gathered in Jomblang resort, every visitor at enjoined to re-register, and while waiting for the crew to prepare the equipment, visitors can get started by choosing boots, then 10:00 AM will begin toward the lip of the cave and activities down the cave is done with ropes and equipment are safe. Jomblang resort as cave entrance and then register directly to cave officer, pay entrance fee with cost Indonesian Rupiah according to price which determined by direct Jomblang managed.

Jomblang cave booking

Jomblang cave is not possible to make a booking first on Jomblang, because it has become decision of managers only prioritize visitors who reservation directly on the spot. Amazing of Jomblang activity underground cave will start at ten o’clock, and will not be received if there are visitors who reservation after ten o’clock, Jomblang cave also limit visitors per day with quotes 75 people per day.

Estimated entry fee for goa jomblang tours

In the management of tourist attractions will certainly pay attention to and calculate the tariff or entrance fee with all technical and non technical factors to be able to determine the amount of tariff / fees that must be paid visitors the tours. Tour goa jomblang is already widely people said that the tariff / entrance fee is included in the expensive category, even some people call it the highest fare area of Java island. Yes, the manager of Jomblang cave call it is “relative” because it depends on whether the tourist likes it or not, intention or not, interest or not about the sensation offered by this jomblang cave tour. Of course, the cave managing will considering and counting the amount of tariffs not only from the interest, but many other factors into consideration.

1. Consideration of the risk of major accidents in the trip caving

Therefore, the manager of Jomblang not neglect about the safety / security in these activities by providing accident insurance or equipping people involved in these activities by requiring the use of security equipment that has been provided by the management of Jomblang cave tour. Of course the quality of the good equipment is directly proportional to the price even sometimes because of the scarcity of one type of equipment, the price becomes two-fold higher. In addition to good equipment quality, crew capability or guidance of caving activities must also meet the standards, one of them by participating in cave guiding techniques training organized by the government and individuals.

2. Taxes to be paid by the manager against the government

Some of the land that is currently used as a tour of nature craving jomblang cave located in the hamlet jetis wetan, village pacarejo, sub district semanu, Gunungkidul district of Yogyakarta city is a land owned by the government. Therefore, the right to use or rent is taxed whose magnitude can be determined by the function and area of the land itself. Of course the decision is yes or not there are on prospective participants of the cave exploration. By paying these fees or tariffs, they automatically agree and understand why the cost of caving is so high.

Jomblang Cave  Entrance fee

Price tickets should be done with the Indonesian rupiah.

IDR 450.000 per person

Ticket includes:
Insurance from Jomblang Cave
Local Caving guide
Free Drinkwater
Simple box lunch

With quotas for 75 people per day, and activity down the cave begins at 10:00 am. so that every visitor cave be required to arrive at the location of a maximum of half an hour before activity in the cave did. For the sake of the preservation of nature, then in the limit of visitors per day with a maximum quota of 75 people per day.


The rocky dirt road approached the jomblang cave

Register at jomblang resort

Mouth of Jomblang cave

Starts a caving activity