Yogyakarta River Rafting

Yogyakarta trip for whitewater rafting in Progo river and Elo river, recognized as of the best river rafting on Yogyakarta by adventure tours, you can always do to provide you with the whitewater rafting experience of your lifetime. You can do with us for a full day of adventure or our vacation multi-days package, at our Yogyakarta adventure tours on the Progo and Elo River, we welcome you to experience the fun and easy In Outdoor Activities Yogyakarta vacation packages.

Yogyakarta River Tubing

Will float, spin or kick-side in bliss as you enjoyed the tube in the Pindul cave or Kalisuci river-tubing. We rent tubes for the float trip from the Pindul cave tubing tour and Kalisuci river, the Easy-class whitewater tubing trip from Yogyakarta. On each tube accommodates one person and is choose in a small or large size.

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