Borobudur sunrise tour - -1 Day

 Highlights:* Borobudur sunrise tour, Pawon & Mendut temple (extra visit) 

Borobudur sunrise tour from Yogyakarta An unforgettable experience where you can enjoy the pure pleasure of temple this is the Borobudur sunrise tour.

We’ll start at 03:45 am from your hotel in Yogyakarta, we will leave when it is still dark to head into the place where we will wait for the spectacular awakening of the sunrise, we will have the possibility to observe two iconic volcanoes of Yogyakarta (Merapi & Merbabu) with the dawn of the Borobudur sunrise tour by Manohara hotel (private entrance).

Then we will take explore Borobudur temple tour on the site complex of the world’s inspiring heritage. About 8:30 am – 9:00 am we will have a coffee break or tea provided by Manohara resort and then next on the visit for two small temples (Pawon & Mendut temple) related to Borobudur temple. It’s an activity where you will enjoy unique sensations since an exciting day trip will be our best companion. This is an exclusive day tour activity of Borobudur sunrise tour from Yogyakarta.

Half-Day Trip Borobudur sunrise tour from Yogyakarta is a tourist attraction offered by the Yogyakarta vacation captivate thousands of people, encourage a visit to this Borobudur sunrise tour. In this destination, some activities invite tourists to relax, forget the stress and enjoy the sunrise of the temple, observation historical of biodiversity, to improve day tour a tourist destination to be excellence tours. Tourists are especially attracted to enjoy the Borobudur sunrise tour from Yogyakarta. Visitors place these options of Borobudur sunrise tour within their preferences during their stay in the Yogyakarta of Java-Indonesia.

Package Options (Cost per person)
(Min. Person: 1) $ 67.00
(Min. Person: 2) $ 52.00
(Min. Person: 3) $ 48.00
(Min. Person: 4) $ 46.00
(Min. Person: 5) $ 44.00

Additional Note
*All tours based on private tour | Departure and Return at Yogyakarta (transfer/drop other cities in optional).
*Money Issues: You will be required to change the Indonesian Currency (IDR) for your holiday in Indonesia. Please ensure that you have good denominations of all Rupiah notes. In Indonesia, credit cards are accepted for expenses incurred at hotels and restaurants. However, small shops and small-town eateries in the countryside can only accept cash.
*At Borobudur Sunrise activities, you have to bring and submit a copy of the passport that applies to the operator of Manohara Borobudur!.

Day 1
Borobudur sunrise tour

03:30AM – 03:45AM pickup at the hotel

03:45AM – 04:45AM heading to Manohara for Borobudur (sunrise entrance)

04:45AM – 08: 30AM enjoying sunrise at Borobudur & explore the temples

08:30AM – 09:00AM short rest for coffee or tea by Manohara resort

09:00AM – 10:00AM Extra visit: Pawon & Mendut temple (including entry fees)

10:00AM – 11:30AM Transfer to hotel / airport

End of services!

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Private transportation with cool air-conditioning
  • Drivers, fuel, parking fees
  • Mineral water in bottle
  • Refreshment / breakfast
  • Souvenir
  • Borobudur sunrise entrance fee

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Optional & Add-on Excursions unless mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals & All items of personal nature not forming part of the touring group’s menu

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Borobudur sunrise tour

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