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Yogyakarta Special Region (Java: Dhaérah Istiméwa Ngayogyakarta) is a provincial-level Special Region in Indonesia which is a fusion of the Yogyakarta Sultanate State and Paku Alaman Duchy Country. Yogyakarta Special Region is located in the southern part of Java Island, and borders the Central Java Province and the Indian Ocean. This Special Region which has an area of 3,185.80 km2 consists of one municipality, and four regencies, which are further divided into 78 sub-districts, and 438 villages. According to the 2010 population census, there is a population of 3,452,390 people with a proportion of 1,705,404 men, and 1,746,986 women, and has a population density of 1,084 people per km2.


Before Indonesia became independent, Yogyakarta was an area that had its own government or called Zelfbestuurlandschappen / Swapraja Region, namely the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate and the Pakualaman Duchy. Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate was founded by Pangeran Mangkubumi, who was Sultan Hamengku Buwono I in 1755, while the Duchy of Pakualaman was founded by Prince Notokusumo (brother of Sultan Hamengku Buwono II) who held the title Adipati Paku Alam I in 1813. The Dutch East Indies government recognized the Sultanate and Pakualaman as kingdom with the right to regulate its own household which is stated in a political contract. The last Sultanate political contract was listed in the 1942 Staatsblaad Number 47, while the political contract.


Yogyakarta is located in the central-south part of Java Island, geographically located at 8º 30 ‘- 7º 20’ South Latitude, and 109º 40 ‘- 111º 0’ East Longitude. Based on the landscape, the DIY region can be grouped into four physiographic units, namely the physiographic unit of Merapi Volcano, the physiographic unit of the Sewu Mountains or the Seribu Mountains, the physiographic unit of the Kulon Progo Mountains, and the physiographic unit of the Lowlands.


Tourism is a major sector for DIY. The number of objects, and tourist attraction in DIY has absorbed tourists, both foreign tourists and domestic tourists. In 2010 there were 1,456,980 tourists visiting, with 152,843 details from abroad, and 1,304,137 people from the archipelago. Forms of tourism in DIY include MICE tours (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition), cultural tourism, natural tourism, special interest tours, and various other tourist facilities, such as resorts, hotels and restaurants.

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Enjoy panoramic views of Yogyakarta tour dramatic skyline, amazing caves, beautiful beaches and the magnificent temples.

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Best visit Java Island for the Yogyakarta day tours and enjoy special offers in celebration of our favorite adventure: deals to heritage and culture, and whitewater rafting

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This time we will begin the cave adventure to find a place that has been a dream of your vacation. Then across the ocean to a small island by using a gondola or bridge

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Best visit Java Island for the Yogyakarta day tours, enjoy special offers of our favorite adventure: deals to heritage and culture, and whitewater rafting



3 point of interest in yogyakarta, indonesia. this trip will provide an amazing adventure with unique cave, vertical cave, and gondola on the small island of Timang

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Known for its “heaven light”, Jomblang cave is now open in their favorite destination in the Yogyakarta. When it comes to choosing a Kalisuci river tubing destination after the caving then whole family will love it

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And there’s no better place to enjoy a ride than along scenic of Yogyakarta. From family-friendly hill’s sunrise to challenging vertical-cave and long scenic stretches perfect for the adventurer’s


Let’s Go beyond into the hidden history of Java, Yours to discover at these temples. They include favorite places to river tubing, explore…We give you the insider tips to make it a fun and fascinating visit

mt.merapi sunrise trekking | Borobudur temple tour

You don’t know Yogyakarta until you know Merapi Mountain. It is only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches on to the beautiful of Mt.Merapi! Don’t wait until the secret is out! is an popular climbing on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Outside of Merapi you will explore the largest Buddhist temple of Borobudur and settle into the diverse culture that energizes the reliefs.

Borobudur tour | mudal river park | Pulepayung sky hill

Take a step away from the everyday to experience the unique on this day tour adventure through Yogyakarta. There is no end to the splendor of towering Borobudur and ancient complexes. Paddy fields blanket the countryside along the way to the Mudal river park, more than just show you the local history and culture but will also immerse you in it, the moment you arrive you can feel the difference on top of the natural of the Pulepayung skyhill.

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Some of the most popular attractions in Jogja include a visit to Borobudur sunrise tour package, Prambanan, Jomblang cave, National Park and Gondolo or the Suspension Bridge!


Yogyakarta is filled with things to do from museums to forest and when it comes to the best attractions and tours we’ve got you covered from Yogyakarta tour package Solo Surakarta


A traditional city, Jogja is full of things to see, hunting and amazing local eateries. A couple of days in this incredible city can be fill with some of places interest and the breathtaking Yogyakarta tours

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